My Girls

Well y’all life has been interesting. Dating has been interesting. But one thing that rings true, always, is that I have amazing women in my life. This time of year is hard for the single gal. All these “tokens” of love pop up everywhere you turn. It could easily send someone into a therapy session with Ben and Jerry. However, I  have the cure. Time with your girlfriends. And maybe that one guy you grew up with that you treat like a girlfriend. (y’all have one too, don’t act like you don’t. ) So I’m coming at you this week with a few fun ways you can spend time with the loves of your life.


Host a Chick flick night.

It is so simple. Grab some popcorn, wine, and a spread of your favorite candies and give your gals a couple of John Hughes movies to choose from(we used wine corks to cast our votes) and you have a recipe for an evening of laughter that is hard pressed to beat.



We even had these perfect cookies made by the futile gourmet. Let me just say that some of my dearest friends started out as random Instagram conversations. I sincerely hope this is no different. He is so funny and talented and I could just eat him up. Not to mention these cookies were amazing.


If you would like to reach out to him for orders or  you can find him at 




Attend a workshop.

I’ve lived in Lexington for 20 years. I love the way I still find new things. I love the way it is constantly changing and becoming something new but still holding true to its southern charm. So when I was invited to a workshop at Alexandra Pallos floral design I was so excited. They had a delicious spread from fete boards and mimosas to go around. Alexandra led us through a floral design and we all went home with beautiful arrangements. I love creative workshops like this. It sparks other creative juices almost instantly. I came home from the workshop ready to brighten up my home. I even went and purchased a plant, on purpose. (yes, I hear you gasping.. I named it …. surely I will not kill something I named. I digress).



Thanks to Sarah at for capturing so many beautiful shots. She will be doing Aidan’s senior pictures and I cannot wait to watch her work her magic again!

You can also check out all Alexandra has to offer at

You can follow fete boards on Instagram and order either through DM or email them at


Galentine’s Brunch

Priyanka hosted the sweetest Galentine’s brunch. Everyone brought something to share and we enjoyed catching up and sharing some of what we had going on. We had such a lovely time. Any time that I get to spend with these women is uplifting.

brunch 3

Kelsey outdid herself with this brunch board.

and there was a ton of great food. but Kelsey made the most beautiful brunch board. You can find her tutorial for the brunch board at 

So get out there with those you adore and celebrate all the love.


Enjoy a few other galentine posts by some of the loveliest lovelies.

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